Namakatti looks like a piece of chalk, but it's bit harder than a regular chalk. Namakatti is made of solid clay. indians use it to apply tilak on foreheads. A ‘U’ is drawn on the forehead of men and children as they offer prayers. This is known as ‘Namam’, the symbol for Lord Vishnu.

Treats Pimples

When you have troubled skin after childbirth, here is a simple aid, just rub the stick with water on a stone and apply on pimple. If mixed with sandalwood its even more effective. Heat rash on Baby: Just apply the same paste as above (tilak and sandalwood) on rashes.

Eye Abscess

Rub tilak with water and apply on the eye.

Sore Throat

Apply the paste on the sore throat. All these remedies will work on babies as its totally herbal and safe.

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