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Pallavan Exports, commitment to excellence service reliability make us a leader in export & import business.

Our product line with unparalleled quality is in accordance with client's requirements and conforms to global standards.

What We Export

Hotel and Kitchen Equipment

A variety of cooking, serving, and hospitality equipment for hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses, such as ovens, refrigerators, tableware, and linens.

Plastic can and Barrels

Containers made from plastic, such as cans and barrels, that are suitable for storing and transporting liquids and other materials.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

A variety of fasteners, such as bolts, screws, and nuts, made from high-quality stainless steel that is durable and resistant to corrosion.

Sports Items

A variety of sports equipment, such as balls, bats, and protective gear, for various sports and activities.

Concrete Machines

Machinery and equipment for mixing and transporting concrete, such as mixers, pumps, and trucks.

Pump, Bearing, Valves and Pressure Gauge

A variety of components for fluid and gas control, such as pumps, bearings, valves, and pressure gauges.

Fans – Domestic and Industrial

A variety of fans for both domestic and industrial applications, such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and ventilation fans.


A variety of textiles, such as fabrics and clothing, for various industries and applications, such as apparel, home furnishings, and industrial uses.

Uniforms for Hotel Industry

Custom-made uniforms for the hotel industry, such as suits, shirts, and aprons, that are tailored to the specific needs and branding of each hotel.

Who We Are

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Pallavan Exports, a fast growing multi-commodity merchant and products exporter from India, specializing in a wide ranges of Industrial products.

Established in 2017, Pallavan Exports has grown leaps and bounds and works with multi-nationals in India ,MSME and various industrial buyers spread across the world. We are specialized in exporting all ranges of Hotel and Kitchen Equipments. Our advantage is competitive pricing and On-time delivery.

We are a multi commodity / product exporter to various countries as per the buyers requirements. We source most of our products from quality manufacturers, who produce export standard products. Since we follow lean management, our cost are very effective and turnaround time of delivery is very minimal than the average execution time. Hence, we are the preferred suppliers from India to our customers spread across the globe.

Why Choose Pallavan Exports?

Customers want to ensure that the products they receive are of high quality and meet their expectations. They want a company that is reliable and will deliver products on time and as promised. May prefer a company with experience in their industry, as they can offer insights and expertise. Company that is responsive to their needs and offers good customer service.

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Genuine Sourcing
Genuine sourcing refers to the process of acquiring goods and materials from reliable and trustworthy sources.
Professional Support
Provision of expert advice, guidance, and assistance to customers or clients in a particular field or industry.
Competitive Pricing
Strategies that aim to offer goods and services at prices that are comparable or better than those offered by competitors.
Speed & Safety Execution
Ability to efficiently and safely complete a task or project within a specified timeframe.
Lean Management
Always Delivering the Best Products



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Honest and Reliable company with good service and pleasant to deal with.Thanks


We acknowledge and highly appreciate all the efforts made by you and your sales team and look forward to receiving the same level of customer service on a consistent basis so you can become our preferred supplier

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I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you, I think we can do much more business in the future.